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Expressing Outrage about the 2024 Duck Shooting Season

Despite strong public sentiment for a ban, and the recent Inquiry whose No. 1 Recommendation was an immediate ban on recreational hunting of native birds, Victorian Labor has bowed down to the 0.3% of Victorians who are licensed to shoot ducks, rather than listen to the majority of Victorians who care about and value native wildlife. 

It’s too late to stop this season, but we’ll never stop being a voice for animals who can’t speak up for themselves. Please read on as we have provided both physical and non-physical methods to take action for native birds this killing season!


Our Guide to Physical Expression of Your Outrage about Duck Shooting Season

1. Prepare :

  • Gather friends, members and supporters.
  • We can put you in touch with other local members who may join you for a small, peaceful action at your closest Labor MP's office. Click the duck below to volunteer!


2. Create Your Poster:

  • Use bold and attention-grabbing visuals to convey your message.
  • Include powerful slogans or statements condemning recreational duck shooting.
  • Click here for downloadable posters and info on making your own.
  • Ensure your poster is legible and impactful from a distance.

3. Schedule Your Visit:

  • The season opens on Wednesday 10th April, but the first Saturday, the 13th April is seen as the ‘second opening’ and is the day we are planning coordinated protests around the state

4. Gather Your Materials:

  • Bring your poster along with any additional materials or information supporting your cause.
  • We have new ducks fliers which we can get to you. These can be handed out to passers-by or used as a conversation starter.

5. Take Photos and videos:

  • Take a photo outside the office with you, your poster and the name of the MP - most MP Offices have a huge photo of themselves and their name so should be easy to capture.
  • Take lots of photos! and if you can make a video or a reel too.
  • PLEASE don’t forget to send your pics and videos to us so we can create a collage of support for a ban.

6. Post on Social Media:

  • Share your photo on social media platforms along with a caption detailing your visit and message.
  • Use relevant hashtags to amplify your message and reach a broader audience. Please use #banduckshooting
  • Tag your Local State MP and encourage others to take action or join your cause.

7. Send your photo/video to us!

By following these steps, you can effectively express your outrage and disgust at Labor for ignoring the inquiry recommendations to BAN duck shooting in Vic and advocate for meaningful change.


Other ways you can help remotely keep the pressure up! 

1. Contact your local State Labor MP to voice your opposition to the season and your disappointment in their cowardice by allowing it to take place. Need help finding your local MP? Click here.

2. Write a ‘letter to the editor’ and send it to 

3. Share our posts when the season begins, help raise awareness that this cruel and archaic blood sport has been allowed to continue.


Your voice matters, and together, we can make a difference in the lives of animals.

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