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Join an Animal Campaign Crew

If you are passionate about a particular animal issue, this is your time to shine. We are building 'Campaign Crews' for a number of key animal campaigns, to progress some of the great work already done by Andy Meddick MP and his team and to build a base of active and effective political campaigners for animals in Victoria.

Meeting next Tuesday - If you can help, join our information session online on Tuesday 19th July, 6.30-7.30pm.


If you are outraged at the 'harvest' of kangaroos for human consumption, the bludgeoning of baby joeys, the 'accidental' burning of koalas, the government's bloodlust for brumbies, the mistreatment of companion animals or any other animal plight, please come along to learn how you can bring awareness to these issues and effectively advocate to make a difference.

Our initial focus campaigns will cover issues relating to Kangaroos, Koalas, Brumbies, Ducks, Shock Collars and the threatened Lake Knox, but if there is another issue you are passionate about, please bring your ideas and enthusiasm on the night.


If you have any questions or ideas please contact our Advocacy Manager directly at


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