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Georgie Purcell MP - Sitting Week 20th-22nd June 2023

Parliamentary speeches and updates for Georgie Purcell MP - Sitting Week 20th-22nd June 2023

Speeches this week include a Question Without Notice on the Fox and wild dog bounty program, Constituency Questions on Macedon Kangaroos & Bendigo Kangaroos and her Member's Statement on Westside Community Desexing Clinic.

As she has done each sitting week, Georgie reads in a notice of motion on greyhound deaths and injuries on Victorian race tracks. This week she also read in a notice of motion on bow hunting.


20th June 2023 Constituency Question - Macedon Kangaroos

Georgie PURCELL (Northern Victoria): My constituency question is for the Minister for Outdoor Recreation. The commercial kangaroo-killing program in Victoria slaughters our native icons under the cover of darkness and turns them into pet food, footballs and soccer boots in what is the largest land-based slaughter on the planet. Now it is moving into the central shooting zone, which includes Mount Alexander and Macedon Ranges shires. This will allow the barbaric slaughtering of over 82,000 grey kangaroos in the area, the largest quota in this state. The carnage will also leave my constituents stressed, anxious and traumatised in their own homes. Given the devastation floods and fire already cause our wildlife and considering the dedication of local rescuers, carers and community protecting wildlife, my constituents want to know if the minister will reverse this decision.


20th June 2023 - Notice - Motion on Bow Hunting

Georgie PURCELL (Northern Victoria): Thank you, President, I give notice on the next day of meeting, I will move that this house notes that;

1. Bow hunting of introduced species such as foxes and deer is unregulated in Victoria,

2. Unlike crossbows anyone can purchase a bow and arrow without a license and the weapon is not required to be registered

3. The risk of native wildlife being illegally shot was raised in this house on the 30th of May 2023,

4. On the 2nd of June 2023 two kangaroos were found illegally shot on private property in Woodend leaving a newborn joey orphaned,

5. On the 10th of June 2023, an Australian wood duck was found at the Mildura Marina with an arrow protruding from their torso and later died,

6. Nearby residents of Mildura Marina fear for the safety of their children and pets as illegal hunting intensifies,

7. Bow hunting is banned in Tasmania, and South Australia has recently committed to a ban,

and calls on the government to stop the killing of native wildlife by illegal bow hunting.


21st June 2023 - Notice - Motion on greyhound deaths

Georgie PURCELL (Northern Victoria): Thank you, President, I give notice on the next day of meeting, I will move that this house notes that;

1. Victoria is second in the country for on-track Greyhound deaths in 2023,

2. 16 greyhounds have been killed on Victorian race tracks in 2023,

3. 1596 greyhounds have been injured on Victorian race tracks in 2023,

4. There have been 357 major greyhound injuries on Victorian race tracks in 2023 representing a 41% increase from this time last year,

5. There have been 325 serious greyhound injuries on Victorian race tracks in 2023 representing a 45% increase from this time last year,

6. Victoria leads the country in the number of serious on-track greyhound injuries in 2023 by a shocking 56%,

7. As a result of these injuries, there has been significantly more off-track deaths in 2023 and Victoria leads the country with 36 off track deaths,

and, calls on the government to acknowledge that despite their in their investment in safety improvements dogs continue to die. 



21st June 2023 - Question Without Notice - Fox and wild dog bounty program

My question is for the Minister for Agriculture. New research has revealed that most dingoes in Victoria are actually purebred. Comprehensive DNA testing has disproved a longstanding and deadly myth that has allowed a cruel bounty program to continue since 2011 in Victoria. This research confirms what ecologists, First Peoples and animal advocates have been demonstrating for years – that there is no such thing as a wild dog. It also means that not only does this government sanction the slaughter of endangered native dingoes, but it will literally pay landholders over $100 for each one that they kill. A 2021 inquiry into ecosystem decline in Victoria recommended greater protection for dingoes, including reviewing the fox and wild dog bounty program, but a response from the government is long overdue. In light of the recent findings, will the minister step in and end the outdated and unscientific fox and wild dog bounty program in Victoria?

We are aware of the new research that is coming forward at the moment, and the department is looking at all of that. Essentially it is about the genetic status of free-ranging dogs. We have got teams within the department that are considering the policy implications, but currently the policy is that lethal and non-lethal control methods form part of the current integrated approach to predator pest management. Lethal control measures are targeted to agricultural areas considered to be of highest risk of livestock predation, and the department works with landowners to support the uptake of non-lethal control techniques, such as fencing and the use of guardian animals to protect livestock production. That is the current policy, and as I have said, the department has active policy teams looking at the most recent research that has become public.

Supplementary question

I thank the minister for her response. Dingoes are exempted from protection where they are deemed to pose a risk to livestock. However, the sheep industry’s own research states that more than 80 per cent of lamb deaths are due to farm management practices, including breeding for multiple births and repeat exposure to the cold. In the last year as little as 0.0056 per cent of Victoria’s sheep population was reportedly attacked. In the same period over 1000 dingoes were killed through cruel trapping and bounty programs. On top of that, it is unknown how many are killed by 1080 poison baiting. Can the minister advise the total number of reported livestock attacks compared to sanctioned dingo deaths in Victoria?

21st June 2023 - Members Statement - Westside Community Desexing Clinic



21st June 2023 Constituency Question - Bendigo Kangaroos

Georgie PURCELL (Northern Victoria):  My constituency question is for the Minister for Environment. Correspondence from 13 May stated that Development Victoria has given the go-ahead to disturb a mob of 40 kangaroos to allow development for the Commonwealth Games village at Flora Hill, Bendigo, to proceed. Residents, wildlife rescuers and veterinarians have been appealing to developers for months to safely relocate wildlife before their habitat is demolished. Exclusion fencing has already gone up, and it is only a matter of time before the beloved mob are inhumanely herded across busy roads into built-up areas or inappropriate bushland. Without intervention, this plan will be lethal. Mismanaged dispersal of wildlife is inhumane. It only leads to deaths and increased road strike, which also poses a danger to humans. My constituents want to know why native wildlife has been sacrificed to make way for the Bendigo Commonwealth Games village.


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