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Georgie Purcell MP - Last Week's Wins in Parliament


The Minister for Racing agreed to meet with rescue and rehoming groups

Last week, Georgie and Graham Cracker met with the Minister for Racing, Anthony Carbines MP. In their meeting Georgie shared an open letter from rescue groups, highlighting the rampant overbreeding by the industry and the crisis these groups are tackling. Anthony has agreed to meet with the groups cleaning up the greyhound racing industry’s mess and Georgie will keep us updated on what comes next, while she continues working for an inquiry.

We confirmed that no cruel Felixer traps killing wild cats with 1080 would be used in Victoria

Georgie asked the Government whether the new management strategy to protect cats and wildlife in Victoria would exclude these cruel devices. The Government has confirmed these traps, which trap and spray cats with 1080 poison will not be permitted. This saves animals from a long, painful death, which can also cause secondary wildlife poisoning.

Our team helped rescue three more greyhounds from the industry

Georgie spoke about kangaroos, farriers for donkeys and horses and plenty more in Parliament

Every week, Georgie takes every opportunity she can to speak about animals in Parliament and in the past week we got widespread news coverage for greyhounds and managed to speak up for other species in need.

Constituency Question - Bendigo Kangaroos


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