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Special meeting - Participate in Shaping Pig Welfare Policies in Victoria

Public submissions are now being welcomed for the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into farmed pig welfare, which is set to address and report on key aspects outlined in the official terms of reference by 31 May 2024. As we engage in this inquiry, it is essential to emphasize the urgent need for significant improvements in animal welfare outcomes.

The Economy and Infrastructure Committee's inquiry will specifically explore:

  1. Regulatory Frameworks: Assessing the scope, application, compliance with, and enforcement of existing regulatory frameworks pertaining to pig welfare in Victoria. The focus is on evaluating their effectiveness in promoting positive outcomes for pig welfare.

  2. Slaughter Methods: Examining the effectiveness of common pig stunning methods, such as electrical stunning and exposure to high concentrations of carbon dioxide gas, in minimizing pain, suffering, distress, and preventing injury. The inquiry will also explore available alternatives to these methods.

  3. Sow Stall Phase-Out: Investigating the outcomes of the 2017 industry-led phase-out of sow stalls, aiming to understand the impact on pig welfare.

  4. Breeding and Housing Practices: Scrutinizing current industry practices related to pig breeding and housing, with a specific focus on different forms of confinement. This includes an assessment of their impact on animal well-being.

  5. International Comparisons: Drawing comparisons with international standards to determine the extent to which the industry adheres to best practices globally.

  6. Any Other Relevant Matters: Considering any additional factors or issues that are deemed relevant to the improvement of farmed pig welfare in Victoria.

To contribute to this crucial inquiry, we extend an invitation for supporters to attend a special meeting chaired by Nat Kopas, Victorian Advocacy Manager for the Animal Justice Party. This meeting will provide valuable insights and guidance for supporters looking to craft their submissions, with a shared goal of advocating for substantial enhancements in animal welfare outcomes. Registration is essential! 

  • Time & Date: 7pm-8pm, Tues 12th December
  • Register for the special meeting on Zoom through the following link: Zoom Registration

Submit your contributions before the closing date on January 12, 2024, and join us in urging for comprehensive changes that prioritize the well-being of farmed pigs in Victoria.

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