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Our Objection to Proposed Licenced Wild Game Pet Meat Processing Facility

Campaspe Meat Company Pty Ltd hopes to repurpose the Loddon Valley Abattoir in Inglewood as a “wild game” meat processing facility, with a focus on kangaroos, but with the potential to process the bodies of other animals. Loddon Shire Council is currently reviewing a proposal from the company to repurpose the property at Crown Allotments 28A and 28D  Tarnagulla Road Inglewood to support this activity.

The Animal Justice Party forwarded a 14-page letter of objection to this proposal and provided 3 recommendations.

Our Conclusion

If Loddon Shire Council approves the proposal from Campaspe Meat Company Pty Ltd to repurpose the Loddon Valley Abattoir in Inglewood as a “wild game” meat processing facility, they will:

  • Exploit wildlife and drive the biodiversity emergency;
  • Support violence through animal cruelty and the human impacts of this violence; and
  • Create biosecurity risks and opportunities for the emergence of new diseases. 

The AJP implores the Loddon Shire Council to not support the proposal for a “wild game” meat processing facility. We also request that the identified conflict of interest for Councillor Daniel Straub, whereby he is actively involved with, and supportive of, shooting and killing animals, is managed appropriately within Loddon Shire Council while this proposal is being considered.

You can download and read our letter of objection below.

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