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Advocating for Kangaroos: A Call to Action on the Proposed Wildlife Trade Management Plan

In the heart of the Victorian wilderness, a silent crisis unfolds every night – the brutal slaughter of kangaroos for profit. These iconic creatures, symbols of Australia's unique biodiversity, are caught in the crossfire of an unethical, unsustainable, and unhygienic kangaroo trade. As their bodies are exploited for pet food, human consumption, 'k-leather,' supplements, and morbid souvenirs, the world witnesses the largest mammalian wildlife trade in existence.

In this dire scenario, the Animal Justice Party calls attention to the accepted practices that are not only cruel but also unhygienic. Dubious population figures, inadequate regulation, and distress within communities paint a grim picture. Shockingly, state and federal governments continue to support the kangaroo industry in pursuit of revenue.

The Review: Unveiling the Draft Kangaroo Harvest Management Plan (KHMP)

Earlier this year, the Victorian Department of Energy, Environment, and Climate Action (DEECA) initiated a review of Victoria's Kangaroo Harvest Management Plan, seeking public feedback to shape the next plan governing the commercial kangaroo trade from 2024 onwards. The draft, now submitted to the federal Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment, and Water (DCCEEW) as a 'wildlife trade management plan' (WTMP), awaits public scrutiny.

However, the Animal Justice Party asserts that the term 'harvest' is a grossly inappropriate euphemism for the proposed Plan. The aim is purportedly to ensure the ecological sustainability of commercial kangaroo harvesting. Yet, the party contends that no amount of planning can justify the ecologically unsustainable commercial killing of kangaroos.

A Call to Action: Your Chance to Speak Up

The proposed Plan, as outlined, appears to capitalize on these keystone species, using questionable data to rationalize large-scale slaughter for the benefit of a select few. Meanwhile, reports from concerned residents across Victoria highlight a significant decline in kangaroo populations. Terrifyingly, shooters descend without warning, leaving behind a gruesome scene near homes and businesses.

This consultation period is a pivotal moment for you to speak up for our macropod friends. It's a call to tell the government that kangaroos deserve protection, not 'management.' Kangaroos are not a commodity for trade; they are valued native wildlife.

How You Can Help: Submission Guide

If you are passionate about protecting kangaroos and want to make your voice heard, this guide is designed to assist you in crafting a response. Whether you delve into the full Plan or use this guide as a starting point, remember that your input matters. Kangaroos are counting on you to be their voice in this critical moment.

Let's unite to advocate for justice, sustainability, and compassion in the treatment of our beloved kangaroos. Together, we can make a difference.

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