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Protect Gordon Koalas: Take Action Now!

Australia's cherished koalas are facing a dual threat in Gordon, Victoria that demands our urgent attention. Firstly, timber harvesting of a bluegum plantation in Gordon will strip away habitat that these iconic marsupials have called home for 20+ years, leaving them without shelter and sustenance. The efforts of wildlife rescuers have been ongoing for over two years as they strive to secure the translocation of these vulnerable koalas to a safer environment.

Secondly, the adjacent highway has become a perilous obstacle for the koalas attempting to navigate their way across. Despite the continuous advocacy by wildlife rescuers, the implementation of reduced speed limits on this stretch of road has not been forthcoming. Tragically, in the past 12 months alone, four koalas have lost their lives in attempting to cross the highway. This heartbreaking toll underscores the pressing need for immediate action in wildlife hotspots across Victoria to prevent further casualties and create a safer environment for both wildlife and motorists.

Take Action Now!

Every voice counts. Click on the respective campaign links below to learn more and use our pre-drafted template emails to make your voice heard. Together, we can protect the Gordon koalas and ensure a safer future for our unique wildlife.

DEECA: Save Victorian Koalas

The Situation

The bluegum plantation in Gordon has become a battleground for local koalas. Timber harvesting activities will leave the remaining handful of koalas with very little habitat, and with their lives hanging in the balance. Wildlife rescuers, dedicated to the cause for more than two years, are tirelessly advocating for the translocation of koalas affected by this destructive practice. The Conservation Regulator and Department of Environment, Energy, Climate Change, and Water (DEECA) have not entertained the idea of translocation and expect these koalas, and the other precious wildlife living there, to quietly move on of their own accord. They only have one way to go - across a highway

How You Can Help

Join our campaign to safeguard the Gordon koalas by urging the Conservation Regulator and DEECA to prioritize the translocation of these at-risk koalas. Read more and use our template email to send a message to them, demanding immediate action - CLICK HERE


Save Koalas: Reduce the Speed Limit

The Challenge

The highway adjacent to the plantation is a danger zone for koalas navigating their way across. Despite persistent calls, reduced speed limits have not been implemented, leading to tragic fatalities of our iconic species. The lack of these essential safety measures exacerbates the threats faced by the already vulnerable species in wildlife hotspots across Victoria.

How You Can Help

Support our call to action by reaching out to the Roads Minister and Environment Minister. Urge them to implement reduced speed limits on the highway near the Gordon bluegum plantation and consider similar measures in all wildlife hotspots. Read more and use our template email to contact the Ministers, amplifying your voice for safer roads for both wildlife and motorists - CLICK HERE

Image credit for healthy plantation koalas featured on this page: Peter Kervarec


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