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Answering the Call: Protecting Australia's Wildlife on Our Roads

Join Our 'Animal Roadside Assistance' Webinar to Become a Wildlife Guardian

Every year, the sobering reality of road mortality casts a shadow across Australia, with 10 million native animals perishing on our roads. These aren't mere numbers; they represent a national emergency where every individual counts, and every loss is a blow to our biodiversity.

The sight of lifeless wildlife by the roadside is not only heart-wrenching but also a clarion call for change. The Animal Justice Party NSW refuses to be bystanders in this crisis. We are taking a stand with an empowering educational initiative, 'Skill Up: Animal Roadside Assistance'.

The Upcoming Webinar Scheduled for Thursday, 21st December at 7:30 PM, is your opportunity to transition from a concerned citizen to a proactive wildlife savior.

Registration is open here via Zoom.

In this detailed session, participants will be equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to effectively intervene and potentially save the lives of our native creatures. We'll delve into practical strategies for:

  • Safely stopping and assessing situations involving injured or distressed wildlife.
  • Assembling a wildlife rescue kit that could be pivotal in your travels.
  • The vital skill of pouch checking for marsupials, which could mean the difference between life and death for joeys.
  • Building confidence to take action when encountering animals in need on our roads.

This webinar is not just about imparting knowledge; it's about igniting a movement to protect our precious wildlife from the dangers they face due to human infrastructure.

Meet Our Expert: Greg Keightley Guiding us through this session is the esteemed Greg Keightley, whose two decades of wildlife rescue work speak volumes of his dedication and expertise. “I have a great passion for magpies, they do it pretty tough. I’ve raised as many as 30 orphaned magpies in one season.” Greg recounts. His advocacy against the commercial killing of kangaroos is just one of the many testaments to his commitment to wildlife preservation.

Greg's role as the Animal Justice Party Regional Group leader for the Blue Mountains, NSW, underscores his relentless pursuit of justice for animals. His experiences and insights are invaluable to anyone looking to make a meaningful contribution to wildlife conservation.

A United Front Against Wildlife Road Mortality This webinar is more than a lesson; it's a rallying point for all who care deeply about Australia's wildlife. By attending, you join a community dedicated to turning the tide on this crisis.

Our team from Animal Justice Party NSW invites you to be a part of this transformative experience. Secure your spot, spread the word, and step into your role as a guardian of our native animals. 

🐾 Join us in this vital mission for the sake of our wildlife. 🌿

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