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Our Guide to Reforming Victoria's Animal Care and Protection Laws

Our comprehensive Submission Guide to Reforming Victoria's Animal Care and Protection Laws has been meticulously assembled by the AJP's Victorian Advocacy team and spans 58 pages of crucial information and guidance. This guide serves as your indispensable toolkit for contributing effectively to the Reforming Victoria's Animal Care and Protection Laws consultation, marking a historic effort to refine and elevate the standards of animal care and protection within our community.

We stand at a crossroads where public feedback is solicited on the draft Animal Care and Protection Bill and its supporting regulations. The transformation envisioned by the draft Bill, if passed by the Victorian Parliament to become an Act, is profound. It aims to supplant the existing Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986 (the POCTA Act) with a new Animal Care and Protection Act. This change is not merely nominal; it signifies a shift towards more comprehensive and nuanced animal welfare legislation, reflecting years of advocacy, research, and public input.

The draft Bill itself is a testament to the value of public consultation, having been refined and informed by previous rounds of feedback BUT it is far from perfect in our opinion. This current consultation represents a final, critical opportunity for input before the Animal Care and Protection Bill is finalized for legislative consideration - we all must press hard to have positive changes for animals included. Additionally, this marks the first consultation focused specifically on the regulations, seeking feedback to inform the priorities and approach to developing these essential components of the Act. Under POCTA, these regulations provided the loopholes for cruelty to be excused - think shooting brumbies, docking teeth & tails, un-stunned slaughter, poisoning, battery cages, etc. 

By engaging with this guide and participating in the consultation process, you can contribute to a legacy of protection and justice for animals in Victoria. Your insights, experiences, and advocacy play a pivotal role in shaping the future of animal welfare legislation. Let us seize this opportunity to voice your support for a future where the care and protection of animals are enshrined in our laws, reflecting our values as a compassionate society.


Your voice now is crucial. Do not miss your opportunity to have your say!! The consultation closing date is now Monday 25th March and is OPEN TO EVERYONE - not limited to Victorians only! Please take your time to draft a considered submission! 


Guide to Animal Care and Protection Bill (& its supporting regulations)

Click on the fish to download and dive into our guide to find:

  • Introduction: A primer on the importance of this reform and your role in it.
  • How to Use This Guide: Tips to navigate and utilize the guide effectively.
  • Key Points for Submission: Highlighted areas of focus to ensure your voice is heard.
  • FAQs: Answers to common questions to streamline your submission process.




The sale or use of electronic shock devices (including virtual fencing, electronic prodders and remote training collars) is governed by this legislation. The use of shock devices is a punishment-based technique used to stop a behaviour of an animal which is deemed to be undesirable to humans, despite it being quite natural for the animal to exhibit e.g a dog pulling on the lead to get to an interesting smell.

The consultation has reached the next stage and this is your opportunity to provide feedback on the draft Animal Care and Protection Bill and its supporting regulations. There are multiple arms to this consultation; this guide will focus on the opportunities to give feedback on shock collar-related legislation only.

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Special Meeting & Event Recording

Catch up on our recent meeting designed to assist AJP members and supporters in making their submissions. This session is packed with insights, tips, and answers in plain speak to common queries.



This is Your Call to Action

Download the guide, watch our detailed meeting recording, and make your submission today. For additional support or inquiries, reach out to us at [email protected]. Together, let's shape a compassionate future for all animals in Victoria.

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