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New Animal Care and Protection Laws - Brumbies Submission Guide

As a passionate advocate for brumbies, you have no doubt seen the sad and disturbing pictures of brumbies who’ve been shot and left behind as part of culls, and asked ‘how is this cruelty permitted?’

Like most animals, brumbies are covered by multiple legislations that connect in complex ways. One of these is the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (POCTA) which regulates how humans interact with animals. And one of the areas that POCTA discusses is how animals can be killed in ways that minimise their suffering - NOT prevent it. 

If this makes you angry please keep reading!


The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (POCTA) has been in place since 1986. Despite its name, it has not provided an adequate framework to prevent harm to animals. 

Work is currently underway to replace POCTA with a brand new Animal Welfare Act. The Act aims to improve existing provisions under POCTA and uphold the high standard of animal care and protection, expected by Victorians. A draft plan has now been released and public consultation is now open for a second round.  

This is your chance to have your say!

How are brumbies affected?

There are 6 key areas of the new plan that particularly affect brumbies - 1. Recognising sentience, 3. Legislative Framework, 4. Decision-Making Principles, 5. Application of the new laws, 7. Cruelty, & 9. Framework for specified classes of conduct. We detail the good and bad parts of the new plan and what you need to include in your submission in our downloadable guide below.

What Next?

If you agree that brumbies deserve better protection under the law, please take the time to write a submission and share your views. Read the full plan for Victoria's new animal care and protection laws here, or the summary plan here, and access the feedback form here

Submissions don’t have to be long. A few sentences or a paragraph in your own words is adequate to make your point (although longer, detailed submissions are encouraged.) 

Providing Feedback to the Plan

Our tips for making a Submission are in our downloadable guide below. Please read before completing your feedback!

Submissions are due by 16th October 2022

We're holding a SPECIAL MEETING on Monday Oct 10th at 7pm to discuss the plan for Victoria's new animal care and protection laws, how supporters can make a submission and what we would like you to include in your submissions. Click the big purple banner to RSVP! 

If you have any queries, please contact [email protected]


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