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Submission Guide to "Inquiry into Pig Welfare in Victoria"

Our submission guide to the "Inquiry into pig welfare in Victoria" is now available.

Despite widespread understanding of their emotional capacity, pigs bred for meat in Australia lead miserable lives, before experiencing a cruel death. Intensive farming produces the majority of pork in Australia with only 5% of pigs considered to be ‘free range’. Despite a supposed voluntary phase out in 2017, factory farming practices still predominantly keep pregnant pigs in ‘sow stalls’, metal pens that at 2mx60cm are only slightly bigger than a pig, allowing minimal movement and restricting other normal behaviours for 6 weeks of their pregnancy. They are then moved to farrowing crates to nurse their litters (similar sizing and issues). This process of impregnation and severe confinement is repeated through multiple cycles, until the pigs are taken to the slaughterhouse, whilst their young grow up to endure the same cruelty. 

Most slaughterhouses use CO2 gas to stun pigs before slitting their throats, supposedly as it is “the most humane and effective method of managing pig welfare during processing”, however covert footage taken earlier this year showed pigs thrashing in pain, squealing loudly and gasping for air whilst being gassed. 

The Reality of Pig Farming in Australia

  • Intensive farms limit movement and natural behaviors.
  • Stunning methods like CO2 gassing cause distress.
  • Cruel practices like sow stalls are still used despite phase-out promises.

Your Voice Matters

The Victorian Parliament's "Inquiry into Pig Welfare in Victoria" is a critical opportunity for change. By contributing, you can help shape a future where pig welfare is prioritized. Your contribution to the inquiry can drive significant changes in welfare standards.

Consultation Details

The Victorian Parliament’s Economy and Infrastructure Committee is conducting an inquiry into pig welfare in Victoria, considering existing regulations, stun methods, outcomes of the 2017 sow stall phase-out, breeding and housing practices, and international standards.

Provide feedback in two ways:

The consultation closes on 12th January 2024, with the committee's report due by 31st May 2024.


How You Can Help

Voice your concerns about the inhumane treatment of pigs in Victoria. Your input is invaluable in influencing policies and advocating for humane practices.

  • Read our Submission Guide: We've made valuable insights and guidance to craft your submissions
  • Watch our Webinar: We recorded our webinar on how to make your submissions. 
  • Participate in the Consultation: Share your views through both the survey and the detailed submissions.
  • Focus Areas for Submission: Discuss regulatory frameworks, slaughtering methods, sow stall use, and international standards.
  • Key Recommendations: Advocate for humane methods, phase out confinement, and improve living conditions.



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