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Submission Guide to "Harmony Feedlot Expansion"

The EPA has received a development licence application from Harmony Feedlot Services P/L - the proposal to increase the capacity of the feedlot near Dimboola from 3,000 cattle to 10,000 cattle.

The EPA is seeking comments from people who may be affected by the proposed development. 

We have provided a submission guide on how to provide feedback to this consultation, with background information on Harmony and key topics to include in your response. You can now download our submission guide.

What does the application propose?

The application proposes an extension to the existing Dimboola Feedlot. It will be located at 277 Albrecht Road, Gerang Gerung, Vic, 3418. The proposal is to increase the capacity from 3,000 cattle to 10,000 cattle. New pens will be built and some existing pens will be upgraded as part of the proposal. The feedlot will consist of:

  • a block of six rows of production pens on the southern side of the existing feedlot (extended by the addition of three rows to the east of the existing rows) and

  • a block of six rows of production pens on the northern side of the existing pens (replacing the existing backgrounding pens)

  • manure composting pads to the east of the northern block of pens,

  • sedimentation basins and effluent holding ponds including:

  • an expansion to the existing system south of the southern block of pens, new sedimentation pond on the northern end of northern pens, and a holding pond on the eastern side of northern pens.

The details of the applicant's information can be found here: Harmony Feedlot Services Pty Ltd (APP005124). Then scroll down and click on the “Development licence application” under the heading of “Supporting Documents.”


Submission closing date : June 22, 2023

Thank you for making a submission and improving life for animals in intensive animal agriculture. Please contact [email protected] or [email protected] if you have any questions or problems submitting.


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