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AJP Victoria Submission to Proposed Feedlot Expansion

AJP Victoria's Submission to shut down the seismic blast survey for gas in the Otway Basin has now been put forward.

The first step in oil and gas exploration is seismic blast testing. In this process, powerful air guns fire loud blasts of compressed air every 10 to 15 seconds to survey seabeds for fossil fuels. This process effects the health of our oceans, the physiology of many marine mammals and kills countless numbers of plankton and shellfish. 

This submission is guided by our mission and vision and underpinned by our policies. The
AJP has policies on animals, environment and human issues. In particular our policies on Animal Law, The Climate Emergency, Energy, Environmental Law, Invertebrates, Marine
Animals, Natural Gas, Native Birds, Sharks, Wildlife Care and Wildlife Protection are particularly relevant to this consultation.

You can download and read our full submission below.



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