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Golden Plains Shire Council Rabbit Management Strategy 2021-2031

The Golden Plains Shire's Draft Rabbit Management Strategy 2021-2031 is a strategic plan that sets out the Council’s vision and goals regarding the management of rabbits on Council land and across the broader community. 

The Draft Rabbit Management Action Plan 2021-2031 details the actions Council will take to meet over the next 10 years to deliver on the vision and goals of the Rabbit Management Strategy. The Action Plan illustrates Council’s current rabbit management program and provides background on best practice rabbit management methodologies.

The Animal Justice Party contributed a 21-page submission to this consultation and provided 20 recommendations.

We ask that Golden Plains Shire consider supporting research into fertility control instead of repeating the strategies which have been unsuccessful over the last 200 years. A funded trial of the use of a deterrent such as D-ter along with harbour removal could be considered and the results shared with other Councils. All other forms of control mooted by Golden Plains Shire are cruel, inhumane, socially and environmentally unacceptable, and could make the Council liable under toxic tort and environmental law, especially when using dangerous poisons such as 1080 and Pindone. 

You can download and read our full submission below, and click through to the SV2030 plan on the consultation site. 

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