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Animal Members. How They're Helping!

Just try arguing again that we're out to ban people from having animals in their life! It's a tired argument from those who profit from breeding & racing animals and it's simply not true! We love and adore our companions and now, as our newest furry & feathered "members", they are helping their wild, domestic & captive cousins have a voice in the Victorian Parliament.

By making a donation for your best friend to become a "member" you, and your political animal companion, will help us grow our movement to champion protections for all animals in the political sphere!

  • $15 donation - 1 animal

  • $30 donation - 2 or more animals

To sign up your best mate, please go to:

Complete the donation form and include your companion animal's name! We'll then send you instructions on where to send a photo of your treasured mate, or mates(!), for the AJP Animal Member Honour Wall here on our website and on Facebook. And, if you're willing to cover the postage, we'll send you a free bandana for your furry, feathered or scaled companion.

Our June Members (a few more to be added soon!)

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