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Geelong's Plan for Nature

Climate change and human activities are threatening Geelong’s biodiversity, and animal habitats are at risk. All human and non-human animals deserve safe spaces to be, so the preservation of different ecosystems is crucial. 

Geelong has impressive diversity in its natural habitats, boasting three bioregions. What does this mean? Conservation efforts here are particularly important, to protect species that live and thrive in the unique natural environs of Greater Geelong. That’s why Council is setting out to protect, enhance and restore indigenous nature – and it needs your thoughts and ideas. 

This consultation will form part of Geelong’s Plan for Nature, which will include long-term solutions through policy development, an action plan and close monitoring. 

To #HaveYourSayAJP, go to and scroll down. Complete the survey if you have time, or simply share a short idea for nature improvement. Some suggestions:


🦆 Ban duck shooting.

🐨 Provide year-round protection for wildlife in reserves. 

🐠 Create more marine reserves, especially in areas with seagrass. 

🦜 Protect the endangered Orange-bellied Parrot by extending prohibited areas.

🌏 Expand the wildlife reserve at Moolap Saltworks to create more habitat for migratory birds.

Questions? 👉 [email protected]

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