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Kids Competition: Check Out The Designs!

The Animal Justice Party was especially proud to launch our first-ever "Design the Next T-Shirt for AJP" competition for kids under 18yo - inviting young artists and animal advocates to showcase their talent and compassion. 

This competition idea was to merge art with activism, offering a platfom for voices calling for justice and harmony between animals, people, and our planet and the kids stepped up with some wonderful designs! Alas, there could be only one winner... or there should have been but our judges were split so we had to choose dual winners!

Congratulations to every entrant! T-shirts and a certificate of thanks from AJP will be headed your way soon! 


🏆 T-Shirt Design Dual Winners: Mac (aged 11) and Yaël (aged 10)

🎉 Very Honourable Mentions: Beverley (aged 16), Yasmin (aged 16) and Beatrix (aged 11). 

Check out all the designs & sizes available on our AJP Supporter Shop -


Our interview with Yaël, aged 10

How did you get so smart?
"Because I watched so many animal documentaries, like David Attenborough and he made a sloth documentary which is where I first started to learn about animals."

Do you love to draw and do art?
"Yes. I go to illustration classes and I have entered Art Shows. I can see something and I can then draw or paint it."

Do you know what you want to do when you grow up?
"Yes of course I do. I will move to Costa Rica, study zoology and care for sloths at The Sloth Sanctuary."





More about our artist Mac, aged 11

Mac loves all animals but has a particular love of Guinea Pigs. Her design is advocating for animal rights and her chosen theme was ‘Act now for their tomorrow’.






🦄 Competition Judges:

The Judging Panel
The Judges Feedback 
  • "Omg!! All of them! I adore each one..given there aren't a lot I reckon I could cough up a bit more $$ and we do all of edition vip AJP tees!🥰🥰😅🤗"
  • "This is too hard!!! I have two firm favourites emerging. I think, after the competition, perhaps we could do some kind of event or fundraiser for the remaining submissions."
  • "Hearing of the sweetheart that initially sent the racoons etc...then did the aussies (animals)...well how fantastic!! Love it! 😊 she may need a special mention😉"
  • "The guinea pig is adorable"
  • "I think this is a very positive depiction of a world where humans genuinely coexist with our fellow animals"
  • "Gosh, they were all great designs. I'm so grateful to see young people fully embrace the cause"
  • "Some of the other designs would make for great campaign tees for a later date"
  • "Our favourite sends a message of gentle kindness which we think is more appropriate for children to wear and view. Let's fight a cruel world with kindness."
  • "I love all these designs! Congratulations to everyone who contributed for doing such a great job. I chose the sloth with the heart balloon because I think it encompasses everything that AJP standsfor - animals, people & planet. It will look good both as a stand alone graphic, either in black and white or with colour added. I also loved "Duck Off Hunting".
  • "This design captures all animals, all deserving of compassion. Whether they be farmed, native, introduced or used in entertainment/exhibition. It also shows kindness and compassion from a person towards animals, what we strive to achieve as a party."

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