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Our Response to the RSPCA Victoria Election Asks

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3 days is simply not enough time to look for a lost companion animal. 

Recently, we responded to RSPCA Victoria and informed them that we can support all issues they’re advocating on for the state election, except for reducing the quarantine period in Victorian pounds and shelters. 

While it is not ideal for a lost or stray animal to be held in quarantine for a long time, the implications of making this period could be much worse. 

  • Owners could be looking in the wrong location, unable to take time off work with short notice or have a need to make travel arrangements. 
  • This change could also place an unfair disadvantage on Victorians who don’t have English as a first language, are elderly, or disabled and require assistance getting to the shelter or locating their animal. 
  • This change would also have a significant impact on regional areas of Victoria, where a number of animal shelters have closed in recent years. Many regional councils now use city-based animal shelters for impounding, requiring pet owners to travel significant distance and time to pick up their lost animal. 

An owned animal being rehomed to someone else, or lost in the system, could be devastating – and it is something we simply cannot support.

Pictured is the latest rescue by one of our members. He is a 12y/o gentleman who was on a regional pound kill list. He wouldn’t have survived if the quarantine period was only 3 days.

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