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AJP Submission to the consultation "Phase out of live sheep exports by sea"

The AJP Submission to the consultation "Phase out of live sheep exports by sea" is now available here.

On live animal export ships, animals endure horrific conditions, only to arrive at destinations where welfare standards are even worse than our own. With every new live export licence issued and voyage authorised, from now until the live sheep trade finally ends, the Albanese government will be knowingly subjecting Australian sheep to significant avoidable suffering, both on board the live export ships and at their destinations, where they will be met with painful, terrifying, unstunned slaughter after several gruelling weeks at sea. This is clearly indefensible, inhumane treatment of animals. 

When the Albanese Government was elected in April last year, one of their promises was to phase out the live export of sheep by sea, But for this to be guaranteed, it needs to be done during their first term in government. The longer the phase-out takes, the more sheep will suffer. 

Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Senator the Hon Murray Watt has appointed an independent, four-person panel to undertake a consultation process to provide advice on how and when the government will phase out live sheep exports by sea. The panel is comprised of Mr Phillip Glyde (Chair), the Hon Warren Snowdon, Ms Sue Middleton, and Ms Heather Neil. 

The panel has been asked to consider: 

  • potential mechanisms to phase out live sheep exports by sea
  • a suggested timeframe and options for implementation
  • potential ways to support the transition, including but not limited to consideration of markets, processing facilities and other opportunities
  • other matters as appropriate.

All interested parties were invited to make a written submission to the consultation process. The closing date for submissions was 31st May 2023.

The Animal Justice Party contributed a 16-page submission to this consultation.

You can download and read our full submission below.

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