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Sustainability Victoria’s Next Decade of Action

SV2030: A Decade of Action is Sustainability Victoria’s organisational strategy for 2021 through to 2030. It also sets out SV’s focus areas – these outline how the Government plans to maximise our technical expertise, insights, and relationships to accelerate Victoria’s transition to a circular, climate resilient clean economy.

The Animal Justice Party contributed a 41-page submission to this consultation and provided 138 recommendations.

We suggested that the Sustainability Victoria plan presented appears superficially good but is lacking in major areas and that given the extent of our current climate crisis we cannot act too extremely, or too urgently; nothing will be an overreaction in order to work towards a sustainable future.

We argued that we must act immediately and with extreme responses to have any impact on the extent of current and future climate damage. Moreover, the Victorian Government's action plans on Sustainability must include appropriate and timely actions.

You can download and read our full submission below, and click through to the SV2030 plan on the consultation site. 

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