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Land Management Strategy

Parks Victoria has developed a draft Land Management Strategy that sets out a clear vision and long-term strategies and priorities for the protection, management and use of Parks Victoria managed land for the next decade. This is the first time Parks Victoria has embarked on preparing a state-wide land management strategy. Once finalised, the Land Management Strategy will provide us with an overarching and consistent state-wide guide for the management of our parks across the state.

The Animal Justice Party contributed a 35-page submission to this consultation and provided 105 recommendations.

Victoria’s parks are in a unique position to change the lives of most Victorians for the better. They provide access to nature, avenues for exercise and exploration, a haven from the stresses of everyday life and a playground for children and adults alike. There is a definite connection between a healthy environment and healthy people. Importantly they also provide habitat for wildlife, protect natural ecosystems, assist with the effects of climate change through carbon sequestration and can assist with the survival of threatened species by providing suitable and safe habitat. 

Parks also help the economy in cities and regional areas as they promote tourism which assists with maintaining healthy and economically viable communities. They are a place of education where people can learn about different plants and animals. They reduce the urban heat island effect and provide a place for people to meet and interact. Trees in parks remove pollutants from the air and create a beautiful ambience. Nothing compares with nature’s beauty. 

You can download and read our full submission below, and click through to the findings of the consultation. 

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