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Vote with your heart this November πŸ’œ

Welcome to a new era for the Animal Justice Party! 🐾

Since starting back in 2009 in response to growing public concern over the abuse, harm and mistreatment of non-human animals across Australia, we have expanded, grown and become a force for good in the Australian political landscape.

13 years later and it's time for a refresh! A new look with our same strong core values. The Animal Justice Party is turning PURPLE!

We are so excited to be announcing this next chapter and invite you to join us as we make a statement in the upcoming state election with our bold new look.

You'll be seeing a lot more of us, with our new corflutes and posters going up in your local area and our purple t-shirts hitting the streets soon.

So if you are ready, now’s the time to get involved. We have more candidates than ever running in this state election, which means more chances to see animals represented in Parliament.

We're fighting for strong female voices in politics, with the highest proportion of women running as candidates than any other major party in history!

Dig out your purple clothes and download the graphics assets below for your social channels to show your support!

For the Animals, People and Planet.


The Animal Justice Party πŸ’œ

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